San Leandro Education Foundation Press Release

Local Developer Teams Up with San Leandro Education Foundation to Fund Public Education

$36,000 Investment in S.T.E.A.M Education and Local History Programs Across San Leandro

(March 19, 2019 – SAN LEANDRO, Calif.) – Local Developer Maximus Antonio Alvarado LLC (Maximus) and the San Leandro Education Foundation (SLED) are teaming up to fund citywide science, technology, engineering, art, and math (S.T.E.A.M.) - as well as local history - curriculum with a $36,000 contribution from Maximus to the community education group.

Maximus‘ donation of $12,000 per year to SLED begins this year, and will continue annually through 2021. The recurring funds will go to support programs across San Leandro and at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, the city’s largest K-5 school next to BART in heart of San Leandro’s Transit-Oriented Development Strategy Zone for Downtown, where Maximus’ transit-centric housing project at 899 Alvarado is taking shape.

“By partnering with SLED, Maximus is making a strong statement about their desire to be an integral part of our community,” said SLED Executive Director, Morgan Mack-Rose. “Moreover, their multi-year commitment signifies that they are making a long-term investment not just in our Transit-Oriented Downtown, but in San Leandro as a whole.”

SLED is the only community organization that supports all fourteen schools in the San Leandro Unified School District. The ongoing community investment with SLED funds breakthrough curriculum such as new S.T.E.A.M lab classrooms for K-5 students and the celebrated city-wide San Leandro History Museum field trip for third and fourth grade students—among other programs.

“Communities are not just buildings where people live—they're where families live, work, grow, go to school, and thrive,” said Rogelio Foronda Jr., Project Manager at Maximus Partners. “SLED plays a central role in San Leandro that we are inspired by and are proud to support as part of that same community.”

“We are looking forward to working with Maximus in the coming years and welcoming the many new families who will be coming to San Leandro with this development,” said Mack-Rose.


About the San Leandro Education Foundation (SLED)

SLED is a community-based organization founded on the core belief that all students deserve a high quality, enriched education. We understand that when students graduate from high school prepared for college and career, we all benefit. SLED works with SLUSD to support a variety programs including; field trips to the San Leandro History Museum for third and fourth graders, outdoor science camps for all fifth graders, service learning at the secondary level, teacher mini-grants, and most recently, STEAM labs in elementary schools. More information about SLED is available at

About Maximus Antonio Alvarado LLC

Embodying bold and clear vision, Maximus Antonio Alvarado LLC is transforming the way people live. Brilliant architects, thinkers and designers create mindfully innovative, sustainable communities that radiate with possibility and inspire a new way of thinking about transit-oriented living spaces. Learn more about their San Leandro housing and community benefit proposal at

Earned Media:

News of Maximus' commitment to the school district made local waves in San Leandro, getting coverage in the San Leandro Times and becoming common knowledge in the San Leandro education community. It demonstrated a local awareness and commitment that funded real advancements in the classrooms for every child.

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