CCSF Solar Program Release

CCSF Solar Program Making Hay As Sun
Shines On California’s Solar Industry

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - With the solar industry hitting all time highs, training the next wave of skilled workers is a crucial part of feeding a booming industry. In response to the voracious demand for a trained workforce, trade programs at the community college level are scrambling to establish and expand solar programs.

But City College of San Francisco, which established one of the first Solar Programs in the state, is already in full bloom and thriving.

Started in 1992 by some of the earliest adopters of EV and Solar Technology when it was still a DIY hobby, the Solar Program has proved to be as forward-thinking as it is innovative.

“When we founded the program some people raised their eyebrows a bit--at the time it was really just for the serious enthusiasts,” said Department Chair Ben Macri. “Despite starting as this scrappy DIY activity, it always had a dedicated following. Here at City College we were into it very early and we ended up being way out in front by offering it. Now it’s one of our most cutting edge certificates.”

Taught today by industry expert professors with curriculum adapted direct from a rapidly evolving industry, CCSF’s Solar Program represents the next evolution in community college programs as a 21st century revival of trade education.

Powered by the dedication of faculty like Ben Macri, CCSF has revamped its Career Technical Education offerings--programs that focused on standards such as welding, plumbing and maintenance--into developing the next generation of clean tech talent.

By housing the small classes of 25 at CCSF’s Evans Center alongside its Construction Contractor Program, students learn on a real construction site (as opposed to a model roof), assessing and overcoming all the obstacles they would on the job.

One of the early pioneers of curriculum covering Solar, as well as Hybrid and Electric Vehicle maintenance classes, CCSF’s Solar program is a standout incubator for local green tech talent.