Ume Yoga 'Sanctuary' Release

Ume Yoga: A Quiet Sanctuary Opens In the Heart of Downtown Oakland

(OAKLAND, CA - September 7, 2016) - Downtown Oakland is the beating heart of a city in transition. But amid a seething mass of construction, traffic and frenetic nightlife, an oasis is slowly taking root.

Ume Yoga, Oakland’s newest studio, officially opens this September 15th - and it’s carving out a place for quiet self-care in a town that could surely use every one it can get.

Located on the first floor of the historic Rotunda building downtown at 1501 Broadway, Ume’s prime ground floor location, full of bamboo floors and natural sunlight, sits in the former Men’s Warehouse space - close to 12th St. BART, City Hall and the Historic Fox Theater.

“Yoga is supposed to be this relaxing activity, but often you have to rush to get there, you fly in the door, are supposed to relax in an instant, and then fly back out,” says Tiffany Sun, Manager of Ume Yoga. “It’s entirely contradictory. We wanted a space that says: ‘Relax. Take a breath. If you’ve made it through the doors, you’ve arrived.’”

It’s a vibe that seems to be working wonders for the new studio during the soft open period that began May 5th. Despite only just opening, regulars already seem to enjoy the 11:30am and 12pm mid-day “power hours” that slot nicely into a work day - along with morning classes that start the day off right, or evening classes to mentally check out of the office for good.

Facilities are standout, with dual heated and unheated studios that accommodate the full spectrum of styles - as well as a private studio for curated classes and private showers that feel like a spa.

And with 20 of some of the most sought-after teachers in the Bay on staff, Ume offers full range of styles on tap - from a meditative Yoga Nidra perfect for unwinding, to high intensity Vinyasa, to experimental “Deep House” Yoga complete with DJ.

“Yoga is for everybody,” says Sun, “Ume is a beautiful sanctuary but it’s not exclusive or clique-y in any way. That’s not Oakland, that’s not Ume. There’s a place for everyone here.”

Ume will celebrate its official opening Thursday, September 15th, featuring chair massage, four free evening classes from 4pm-7pm, henna tattoos, mala making, among other surprises.

To learn more, or to enroll online: Phone: 510-671-1717.


Ume Yoga Opening

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


1501 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

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